Lynn Nielsen

Lynn NielsenLynn Nielsen was born and raised on Mobile Bay in Alabama.

"I'm a southern gal who is an IBC (islander by choice.) I moved to Galveston Island in1988. I've been married for 22 years to a great guy, raised my children here and now I'm a grandmother.

My passion and my art have always been looking through my camera lens, I love photography and have worked as a professional photographer for many years.

I worked in a local gallery in Galveston with one of the best teachers anyone could ask for. I started in 2000 in sales and became assistant director to the owner and held that position until the gallery closed in 2014.

I had the opportunity to work with some of the best Artists in Texas.

After the gallery closed I was invited to attend a workshop with a group of women. I started creating a visual journal and the feeling I experienced exploring this creative side of myself was amazing. I found there was another artist in me!

While going through some medical issues I decided to create a studio in my home, a sacred space to focus my energy during my healing, Barbra Parker came into my life along with her creative and artistic skills and we have collaborated to create the space and the work.

I have a historical home in Galveston, I love it's character, the rattle of the old windows, the old wood....which brings me to my work, I love old and I love shiny. I love sanding the wood and seeing the colors that emerge, I love the stories they all have to tell. I love making them shiny and giving them a new life.

I'm happy you took the time to stop by our site. I hope it inspires you to be creative." - Lynn

Barbara Parker

Barbara ParkerBarbara Parker was born and raised in Texas where she went to Midwestern University and studied Fine Arts in 1982. She has done restoration and commissioned work in stained glass for over 20 years.

"After several years of grieving the loss of my husband and our 20 years of happy marriage I moved to Galveston to be close to the waters healing power. A local artist encouraged me to create again and when I picked up my stained glass tools and my paint brushes this is where the real healing began.

Creating pieces of jewelry, acrylics on canvas and using glass on glass brings joy to others and feeds my soul. The people I've met on this healing journey live their life like everyday is a vacation. I have been awakened and am now present for each moment living like today could be the last.

Island living is truely a state of mind. My friend Lynn lives her life exactly this way, sincere with nothing hidden. Together as we create in the studio, there is so much love and laughter that goes into every piece of work. My hope is that our art brings you joy and wakes up the artist I believe exist in us all." - Barbara